It is crucial that you perform maintenance around your home during the colder months, not only to keep the cold out, but to keep the pests out too!

Here’s some common areas around your home for pests, and how to prevent a problem with them before it happens.

  1. Loft
    The loft is a great place for shelter and warmth to a pest. To prevent them from getting in, replace your roof tiles, fix any crack in the roofing cement, keep your loft tidy and store all your items in plastic boxes.
  2. Pipes and drains
    Some pests are attracted to moisture and excess water. Check your pipes regularly for any leaks, repair the damage with sealant and check that your drains aren’t obstructed.
  3. Bedroom
    A moth problem may have formed in your wardrobe without you knowing. Check your clothes regularly for signs of damage. Wash all of your clothes, and then store them in sealed bags. Regular vacuuming can also keep you on top of the problem.
  4. Chimney
    Pests love to make their home in a chimney. Install a chimney cap to keep pests out and prevent infestations.
  5. Garage
    Pests like to find nesting sites amongst your stored items, so cover all entry points, and store items in plastic containers to keep the pests at bay.
  6. Kitchen
    This is the room that is most at risk from a pest infestation. The food is plentiful for them, so they gravitate towards it. Storing food in containers, and not leaving dirty dishes in the sink can prevent pests from invading. Regular cleaning will also help this too.
  7. Laundry room
    Gaps in pipework is a great entry point for a pest. Seal those holes up quickly to avoid a pest problem.
  8. Garden
    An unmaintained garden is a great shelter for pests, and offers an easy access route to your home. Keep all shrubbery trimmed back away from the house, and ensure all outside bins are closed securely at all times.
  9. Pet food
    Remove all pet food before night time, and store the food in airtight, plastic containers, so critters don’t get a whiff of it.
  10. Windows
    Cracks around windows are easy to overlook, and are just as easy an entry point for pests. It can save you money to seal cracks around windows and doors, and will keep the pests out too.