Cooking hoods are designed for being mounted on the kitchen wall in a direction that is exactly above your cooking lobby. The sole purpose of a hood is to extract the grease as well as the odor that is emitted while you are cooking something. These odors and grease are then skillfully extracted outside via an external wall or are filtered adhering to an alternative method i.e. using a carbon filter. With this method, clean air is what circulates only in your kitchen. So are you thinking of buying a cooking hood, but confused with which choice to go ahead? This article brings to light details about 4 different types of cooking hoods.

The types of cooking hood

  • Built-in cooking hood

If you are having a standard-width hob or cooker, it is reliable to go ahead with a compact built-in cooking hood. The width of these cooking hoods, ranges from 52 to 60cm and easily fit into the kitchen cabinets.

  • Freestanding cooking hood

If you are willing to go down your budget route, then a freestanding cooking hood is the best and cheapest option to go with. The downside of these hoods is designed in a way that makes them also powerful. A freestanding cooking hood has to be fitted directly on the wall above the cooking hob.

  • Chimney cooking hood

If the cooker you are using backs to the wall, then a powerful chimney cooking hood is the option you should go ahead with. The chimney cooking hood consists of a canopy along with a chimney and is available either in glass or stainless steel made.

  • Integrated cooking hood

If you desire your hood being hidden away, then an integrated cooking hood is what you should go ahead with. These cooking hoods are designed to be fitted snugly into the integrated kitchen fitted units. However, they are suitable for just the standard hobs or four ring cookers.

Wrapping up

All of these cooking hoods are readily available in Singapore that houses some of the top kitchen appliance retailers. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead as per your needs and settle the deed.