Whether you’ve got one child – or many more – as a parent, you’ll know how quickly piles of toys can appear around the house. You may even sometimes feel as though the sheer volume of toys warrants its own self-storage unit!

Read on, and we’ll run you through some simple DIY storage solutions for your little ones’ toy collections.

  1. Fabric-covered storage baskets

Buying pretty fabric-covered storage is often quite expensive, but it’s actually something that’s fairly simple to replicate at home, and for a snip of the price.

It’s easy to get your hands on some cheap plastic storage baskets (the rectangular ones, sometimes with holes in the sides) and some inexpensive, fairly durable fabric to transform those baskets into swanky new storage bins.

  1. Felt storage bins

If you’re looking for something useful for toys which has more height to it (whilst not costing the earth), felt might be a good option for you. You can buy reams of felt from markets, hobby and craft shops and fabric stores dirt cheap, and fashion a makeshift lidless ‘box’ shape in hardly any time at all.

The beauty of these boxes is that they are washable, safe for children to be around (no risk of bashing against the sides and hurting themselves) and can make a colourful addition to any child’s bedroom or living area.

  1. Child-friendly storage jars

Some children’s toys are very small and fiddly… marbles, dice, figurines.. and rather than finding that plastic rhino down the back of the sofa, or accidentally treading on a small bouncing ball by accident, wouldn’t it be great if they were all neatly stored away somewhere?

The answer could lie in picking up some large storage jars, covering the lids with coloured spray paint and off you go; all of those pesky little treasures have been tucked away in their rightful place. What’s more, the jars are transparent, so it’s really easy to see what’s in which jar.

  1. Hanging storage for the backs of doors

If you’ve unwittingly collected a bunch of barbie dolls, action men, Power Rangers and the like, you might find that these can be an awkward shape to pack neatly away – especially when you’ve got lots of them.

A super solution to this is buying / repurposing a plastic or fabric over-the-door shoe rack, where you can efficiently stash each figure in a compartment – all of which will probably remain out of sight whilst the door is closed! Simple.