Cement tile is very unlike its cousin named ceramic tile. And people need to be aware about the same before they invest in any one of these. So, if you are considering investing in the hex cement tile, here are the factors you should consider.

  1. Always make the use of a very narrow grout line when installing cement tiles.

Always install the cement tiles as closely together as possible to establish a very thin grout line. When you minimize it, it will make the design more seamless and your space look larger. Always go for a 1/16” grout joint. The unsanded or non-sanded grout is needed if your grout joint is less than 1/8” wide.

  1. Always pick the right grout color.

You may go with colored or white grout. If choosing the latter, then choose a color that is same or lighter than the lightest color which is used in the pattern. You can never use black grout with white or black and white patterned tiles as the dark grout will stain the white tiles permanently and that would be the last thing you would want to happen. If you are unaware about from where to buy cement tile, visit our website.

  1. Always anticipate the freight cost to be about 30 to 45 percent of the total order.

Even for small cement tile orders, the freight cost is expected to exceed. This is deemed common for small projects when it comes to using cement tiles for a fireplace, backsplash or a tiny bathroom. The freight costs will rise if you don’t live nearby a large city or a major shopping street. This is because cement tiles are heavy in weight and need to be shipped as freight when using common carrier.

  1. Buy polished tile, if available.

Almost every factory produces unpolished or raw cement tiles. At present, only one factory provides the option to retrieve factory polished tiles. These tiles come with a satin sheet that tends to stimulate the finish that cement floor tiles achieve over time with care and use. The sheen is developed from the high pressurized forces subjected to the tile from use. Raw tiles are polished with the help of floor bugger and green pad after it is installed. Polished tiles are easy to install as the grout and mortar don’t stick to the smooth surface.