Selecting a perfect mattress that is super-comfortable, supportive and of high quality is essential to assist people with low back pain and get a good night’s sleep. And what actually confuse a customer are the marketing messages, promotions, and special features to make your hunt for the perfect mattress daunting and confusing. By comprehending the physical composition of a mattress and being read to ask questions about its interior can help you correctly evaluate and compare the mattresses.

Here are the key components of an ideal mattress.

  1. Mattress springs and coils provide back support.

The wire in the coils is available in various thicknesses, where a lower gauge number signifies stiffer, thicker wire and a firmer mattress. A strong concentration of steel coils signify higher quality mattress, but that doesn’t signify that the highest number is the best one. Patients should always use their own judgment when it comes to the mattress best suited to offer them support and aids alleviate their low back pain.

  1. Mattress padding provides comfort.

Besides the spring coils in a mattress, the padding on the top of the mattresses signifies quality. The mattress padding of MATTRESS360 is composed of materials like puffed-up polyester, polyurethane foam or cotton batting. Extensive mattress padding is usually costly, but it is more comfortable and worth the investment.

  1. Middle padding in a mattress.

This kind of mattress padding is just beneath the quilted top layer and is normally made with foam. When you are looking at a cross section of a mattress, the softer foams are mostly moist to touch while firmer foams on the other hand, won’t spring back as quickly. The very next layer of mattress padding is composed of cotton batting that may quite vary in thickness across various mattresses and even within one mattress as well. This leads the mattress to feel quite firmer in some of the areas instead of the others, like the increased firmness in the middle of the mattress.

  1. Insulation mattress padding.

This padding is laid on the top of the coil springs so that you won’t be able to feel them on the top of the mattress and it also shields the coils from damaging the topmost layers of the mattress.

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