There is an alarming number of things you need to prepare for when planning a move. From the logistics of packing, loading a truck and getting everything to its destination to learning about your new home, you are sure to have your hands full. These tips will help you prepare ahead of time so that the actual moving day goes more smoothly.

1. Start Packing As Early As Possible

There is nothing like packing all of your stuff up for a move to help you realize how much you have accumulated over the years. The sooner you start packing the easier it will be to get everything properly sorted and boxed. Put finished boxes in a storage unit or mobile storage pods St Louis MO to get them out of the way.

2. Pare Down Your Belongings

As you are packing, do a realistic assessment of what you will keep and what would be better going to a new home. Getting rid of clutter means that much less you’ll have to pack up, and it also makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. You don’t have to trach perfectly usable items. Consider holding a yard sale or taking them to a consignment store to earn a little extra cash. Or, if you prefer, donate them to a local charity that will distribute them to community members in need or resell them in a thrift store.

3. Learn About Your New Destination

If you are heading to a completely new area, the months leading up to your move provide an excellent window to learn about your new home. The chamber of commerce in your destination is a valuable resource for information. What you ultimately explore will depend on your personal preferences and lifestyle, but these ideas will help get you started:

  • Medical facilities
  • Major transportation hubs
  • Museums or art galleries
  • Restaurants
  • Fitness or community centers

4. Plan for Your Pets

Moving is a stressful experience, and your pets are not exempt from those feelings. That, coupled with a fear of abandonment and the door being propped open for hours contribute to an alarming number of pets that disappear as families move. To reduce the likelihood of this happening to you, make moving day arrangements for your pet. Daycare facilities, your veterinarian or a trusted friend are all good options for keeping pets calm and safe during the move.

By packing ahead of time, using portable storage options and talking to the chamber of commerce in your new city, you can be prepared for the move. It also helps to plan for the actual day by making safe arrangements for your pets.