Adjustable beds have thrived beyond health care purposes and have become a very common setting in the homes. Its prices have declined, selection varieties are broad with numerous features, and new designs have been a golden addition so that it doesn’t look like a hospital bed anymore. The designs may vary, but it freely lets the individual raise and lower their upper body and legs. The positioning helps in reducing the back pain in a significant amount by shifting most of the weight off the back. The base of an adjustable back is usually sold separately, some do sell it as a combined unit. Read on for the factors to keep in mind before buying an adjustable bed.

  1. An ideal adjustable bed is equipped with all such features as:

Adjustments to the bed can be easily done by remote control. The number of adjustment may vary upon the type of adjustable bed you want to purchase. In general, you should keep in mind that the more options your adjustable bed provide, the more expensive it, and more the things are prone to malfunction or break in the imminent years. Some brands like Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 and Reverie 9T are equipped with adjustable firmness for lumbar area massages, which includes a foot massage and an alarm clock. The timer helps in returning the bed to a flat position when the user falls asleep. Adjustable beds are usually available in single, queen, and king size. If you wish to buy split-queen and king-size beds, make sure the settings allow you to customize each side of the bed.

  1. If you are sleeping on an adjustable bed for the first time:

If you are sharing a bed, you might find the sound of the adjustment motor loud enough to wake the other person. Some models are available in the market that has quieter motors installed in them. Look out for those.

  1. Consider buying an adjustable bed for a trial period

No matter how boastful the adjustable bed reviews may seem, you should nonetheless purchase a bed for a trial period. It is recommended that you buy it from a showroom that offers a 30-day risk-free exchange policy. It may take several nights or a week to adjust yourself to sleep on a new sleeping surface. Trying it for a few minutes in the store will not give you an accurate outcome.

  1. Bed frames

Without the mattress, the frames can vary in weight from 150 to 700 pounds. This makes moving the bed a tough task, and it also may be too much weight for some floors.

  1. The warranties of adjustable beds

Because of the cost involved and many moving parts, the return policy of the seller and warranty on the base is one of the important considerations to look at. Some customers are appalled when they find out that not all the parts of the adjustable bed cover the warranty. Hence, practice caution before you buy one.

Author Bio – Kevin Wallace specializes in interior designing of houses. In addition to reviewing the best furniture products, he has authored many book chapters and online blog posts on sleep sciences.