So you’re ready to remodel your bathroom. You’re looking for more space, a new bathroom floor, some work on the walls, and so on. You need to hire a bathroom contractor.

You must be smart when hiring a contractor to do your bathroom remodeling in LA. Chances are that you’ll interview many, or contact several firms at the same time. If you’re unsure of what questions to ask, you will be in a situation where you don’t know which contractor to go with. You may choose the wrong one and waste time and money.

Here are 5 Must-Ask questions for your potential contractors, to help you pick out the best one for you.

What are their experiences and credentials?

To begin, you want to hire someone who can do the work. Depending on the extent and complexity of bathroom remodeling that you need, it may be beneficial to ask what past experiences your potential bathroom contractor possesses. Ask them questions like, “Have they done work similar to your needs before?”, “Do they have any pictures of past work?”, “Can you see their portfolio?”

You may want to know if they have any licenses. Only 35 states in the US require contractors to have licenses. If they don’t have a license, your contractor should at least have general insurance and liability. In the ideal situation, they should have a license that is up to date.

What materials will come from you vs from them?

Let them look over your project and tell you what materials you need to buy and which materials you can reuse from your old bathroom. They should also know the viability of using those old materials. Discuss whether you would do the shopping yourself or if they’ll do it.

How long will the remodeling take?

An experienced bathroom contractor can look at your project and tell you how long it’s going to take to be completed. They should also tell you how many workers will be used, and what times of day they’ll work. This way, you can get your schedule properly planned.

What alternative space will you use?

“What if your house has only one bathroom?”, “Which bathroom are you going to use while the work is ongoing?” These are questions you mustn’t forget to ask. Learn how limited your use of the bathroom will be and if there are any alternatives.

What’s the estimate?

There’s nothing more annoying than beginning a project and finding that you’re spending way more than you budgeted. It destroys trust between you and your contractor. So, before you hire one, get a rough estimate of what the bathroom remodeling will cost. An experienced bathroom remodeling contractor will give you an estimate.


Bathroom remodeling is such a satisfying project. You get to give your bathroom the look you’ve always wanted. Feel free to reach out to RL Remodeling to makeover your bathroom and turn your dream into a reality.