As long as interior designing is concerned, everything that is old is new again. These words rightly describe the rebound of plantation shutters as window treatments yet again in the 21st century. In fact, they have been welcomed in such a manner that they are now being accepted as the must-have accessories for verandas, outdoor patios, balconies and porches. Besides offering an appealing look to your indoor and outdoor areas, plantation shutters also come with a host of benefits for the homeowner.

Though all the benefits can’t be mentioned in the article, we give you a list of benefits that you can reap when you install plantation shutters in your home. Check them out.

#1: Longevity

Unlike the blinds or fabric drapes, your shutters will never fade even when they age or even after they’re affected by the harmful UV rays of the sun. The shutters use a different material today which is durable, strong and which don’t lose their strong color. Moreover, they won’t peel or warp off. We can’t deny that shutters are always in fashion and they are here to stay. Once you install plantation shutters, this saves you the cost of buying new drapes or curtains.

#2: Cleaning is easy

Cleaning the plantation shutters is more than easy. All that you may need is a wet cloth with which you can wipe off the blades. Make sure you dust them everything and for regular dusting, you can use the hand wipers which trap dust as this can save on the cost of cleaning curtains or drapes. You don’t even need to move up on the ladder to move off the curtains.

#3: You get different styles

Unlike the monotonous look of the curtains or drapes, plantation shutters usually come in different styles. The styles that you will get will include coverage for the total window, solid panels, coverings for the half-window or bi-fold panel which allows you to decide how wide you wish to open them. You can also make custom shutters to make them according to your choice.

#4: Increased security

When you install window plantation shutters, this provides you with an increased layer of security for your home. Did you know that you’re able to add an option for locking the shutters in order to prevent any attempts of unwanted entry by invaders or trespassers? When you add this option to boost your home’s security, you get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy as well.

#5: Saves energy

One more financial benefit of adding plantation shutters is that they let you save on utility bills. Due to the snug fit of the shutters, it lets you keep the cold out during winter and during the hot summer months; it lets you keep off the scorching heat. Hence, the rooms remain comfortable almost throughout the entire year.

Therefore, when you’re considering the window treatments, you can choose plantation shutters for the above listed reasons and therefore add an appealing look to your rooms.