Regardless of whether you want to completely revamp your yard or just add a few touches to make it look more attractive – the right landscaping ideas can go a long way. While there are many different areas that you could probably focus on, some ideas are definitely better at breathing life into a yard than others.

As a place to start, you may want to consider these five ideas that could help add some warmth, color, and attractive features:

  • Accent the entrance with flowers

If there is one spot where adding some flowers can truly transform the yard it is at the entrance. A few flowering plants placed strategically near the entrance can help soften it and give it a splash of color that will make it look more welcoming.

  • Use elevated planters to add height

Gardens can often end up very one-dimensional, especially if you don’t have any large trees or bushes in yours. The solution to that is simple however: Add some elevated planters at certain points so to give your garden some height and make it more immersive.

Another option is to use hanging baskets – as they can help achieve the same goal.

  • Conceal any unwanted structures

In most yards there are certain structures that aren’t that attractive but can’t be moved – such as air conditioning vents, garden hose rolls, and so on. While you may not be able to move these structures, you can conceal them by planting around them or building containers to house them.

  • Build a path through frequented areas

Try to build a path along any areas that are frequently accessed as it will help to keep your yard in better condition. The path itself could be something as simple as stone tiles or pebbles, or you could dress it up and make it more decorative to turn it into a feature in its own right.

  • Install edging around planting areas

Adding edging to planting areas is a common landscaping strategy to place borders that shape the yard. It is an easy improvement, and yet it can help you to enhance your landscape by giving it curves or geometric patterns. The edging itself could be stone, steel or wood – or you could get creative and use cinder blocks that double as edging and planters.

  • Let there be light

Light can make a huge difference to your yard, as it can help to illuminate the area and showcase points of interest to make them stand out. Nowadays people tend to prefer LED lights due to their low energy consumption, and adding some strategically to your yard will help it come to life – even at night.

While these ideas are a great place to start, if you want to completely transform your yard you may want to consider professional landscape gardeners Chelsea. If you have specific ideas that you find appealing you should make it a point to discuss them, and plan out how they can be included in your yard.