As a homeowner, you should have a few numbers on the speed dial, and that includes an experienced HVAC repair and installation service. Finding a company that specializes in heating & cooling appliances isn’t always easy, especially with those big ads and even bigger claims. In this post, we guide homeowners as how they can select a company for furnace repair.

  • Ask around. Recommendations are always useful for finding home-related services. Talk to your friends or neighbors to find the services they have tried. In case you don’t have that choice, just take a look online. Google has listings for most cities, and you should be able to find at least two to three names.
  • Check the response time. Furnace repair companies often work around the clock to offer emergency services. You need to find more about the response time of the service before hiring them. For example, Laird and Son Furnace Services in the GTA offer emergency repairs without any delay.

  • The company must be licensed. To operate in the industry, every HVAC company should be licensed and must adhere to the safety practices and norms within the industry. Don’t be surprised to find that some of these so-called companies don’t even have a physical address or team.
  • Insurance is necessary. Furnace repair jobs are inherently risky, and there’s always a chance that things can go wrong. Make sure that the repairmen and engineers working at your home is insured, bonded and trained. The company should also have general insurance. In case the repair work causes any additional damage, the same should not become your implied reliability.
  • Check if they have good reviews. A company that has A+ rating on BBB is obviously a better choice than a company that promises a low price. Keep in mind that cheaply priced services have their ways of cutting corners, which can cost you more in the long run in form of frequent breakdowns and repairs. You can also check for independent reviews on Google.
  • Ask for references. This is an absolute must. If your are hiring a furnace repair company for the first time, you need to check if they are willing to offer client references on request. Don’t shy away from calling a few and make sure that the claims made are true.
  • Estimates are necessary. Gone are days when HVAC companies charged a fixed price for the job. Typically, services these days will first send their executives to check the work to be done, and based on the requirements, they will offer an estimate. The estimate should be inclusive of all charges, parts, and if there are any additional expenses, the same should be mentioned in detail.

Finally, take your time to know the problem with the furnace. A genuine furnace repair service will offer information, help and support for keeping the furnaces and cooling systems in working condition. Also, check if they can handle yearly and seasonal maintenance, which is easily the best way to avoid unwanted repairs and frequent breakdowns.