If you have finally found a home you like and the papers offered by the seller are in place, the next step is to schedule an inspection. Many buyers don’t take home inspections seriously, ending up regretting later. There are professional and qualified inspectors, who can take up the task of checking the property in detail, following which a report is off. In case you aren’t sure of how an inspection is done, here are some quick tips and advice for help.

What does a house inspection involve?

Typically, house inspection is done by professionals, who are qualified for the job and have the necessary certifications and permits. When you look for a company for Melbourne House Check – House inspections, make sure that you check their background and the inspector’s personal details. An inspection ideally takes around one to two hours, which involves evaluating the rooms, exteriors, foundation and structural elements, electrical systems, appliances, home cooling systems, plumbing and additional spaces like attic, basement and decks.


Always go with the inspector

It is not compulsory to go with the home inspector for the task, but it is a good idea. A detailed report may talk of a lot of things and issues, but unless you are personally there to see the problems, it is hard to take a note. If you see any issues or points that aren’t clear or explained in detail, don’t miss on asking questions. In general, a report will mention things like rotting woods, damaged walls, leaking pipes, electrical problems, and issues with drainage, roofing leaks, ventilation concerns and problems with appliances.  Some inspectors may mention about mold, soil contamination, but it is not always compulsory.

How to choose an inspector?

There are many services around, and you can find inspectors who would come down on a single call. However, do ensure that you check the background and qualifications of the inspector and the number of homes he has evaluated so far. There is also no harm in asking for specific reports or sample writings to know the things that are usually mentioned in the inspection. If you see any major issues with the property, ask the inspector about his views on the same. Also, make sure that the service you choose is flexible and available at the time of need.


With a good inspection done ahead in advance, buying a home can be a smoother affair.

Author Bio:

Matt Flood is a home improvement author and an inspector with years of experience behind him. He has worked with many websites and portals as a guest author.