Thinking of replacing your bathroom? Here is a quick, no nonsense guide to doing exactly that, from how to choose tiles to who to trust to fit them.


  • Never mix and match more than three different types, styles or colours when it comes to bathroom tiles.
  • Use bigger tiles in smaller bathrooms to create the illusion of space, prevent grouting lines from resulting in a heavily patterned look and to keep things clean looking and calm.
  • Smaller tiles, including mosaic tiles, are best kept for use within bigger family bathrooms, as are patterned tiles and boldly coloured ones.
  • Buy cheap tiles online and direct from a supplier such as Tile Yard Sale to make a substantial saving and better afford the tiles you want; after all, doing so cuts out the middle man, and with it much of the cost.
  • For a softer, less stark alternative to all white tiles in a bathroom of any size, incorporate natural, earthy coloured or stone effect tiles.

Bathroom Suites

  • When and where possible, always opt to have a separate bath and shower.
  • In a bathroom which features insufficient space to have a separate shower and tub, always opt for an over-tub shower to create a versatile space and add / prevent loss of value to your home.
  • White is the only colour when it comes to bathroom suites; an avocado, coral or even albeit less offence grey suite will instantly knock up to thousands off the value of your home.
  • Super cheap suites, such as the one sold via Better Bathrooms Online at under £100, are perfectly fine to opt for when it comes to purchasing a sink basin, toilet and even bathtub, but always opt for a slightly higher quality shower tray as cheap plastic ones can warp, bend and break the seal surrounding them, resulting in constant problems.

Fixtures, Fittings and Accessories

  • Add value and appeal to your home by ditching a shower curtain in favour of a frameless, glass shower door or panel as advised by real estate guru and TV personality, Phil Spencer who says as much in the article: How to Add Value to Your Home featured on the Telegraph website.
  • Use fixtures and add-ins such as tooth brush holders and toilet roll holders to inject colour, bling or personality; should your taste or the fashion change these are inexpensive and easy items to replace or update.
  • Invest in a chrome heated towel rail.
  • Never carpet a bathroom. If you cannot afford tiles, a high quality bathroom vinyl such as that sold by Carpetright is the best option to plump for.
  • Never use a net curtain at a bathroom window. A modern alternative that is also affordable is to fit a simple blind such as those sold via Blinds 2 Go. Further, pick a coloured or patterned blind to add to or tie in with a colour scheme or theme.

Trades People

  • Ask friends and relatives to recommend local trades people; word of mouth really is the best publicity.
  • Refer to the advice provided by the official UK Government website in order to find reputable trades people.
  • Read online reviews ahead of committing to any team of trades people over another.
  • Even if you are fitting you own bathroom, it is imperative to have any electrics looked at by an expert; here in the UK we use high voltage sockets in our homes. Hence, getting it wrong can literally result in death, not least in a bathroom where water is likely to be involved.
  • Take heed of the advice provided via the Guardian Newspaper website when looking for a bathroom fitter or bathroom trades people.
  • Dare to speak up if you are unhappy with the work done and regularly inspect it to prevent potentially small issues from becoming big or permanent ones.