We have to start by saying that high-capacity storage tanks are essential to most organizations and businesses including food processors, manufacturing facilities as well as wastewater treatment facilities, municipal water distribution systems and fire protection systems.

The idea is to find the place where you can store water for systems without affecting it without outside weather and conditions. But apart from the water you can place inside fire suppressants, chemicals for manufacturing, drilling fluids, food products, fuel, and dry good as well.

In the past, large storage tanks have been made from concrete that you pour right in the facility or from steel which is welded and finished onsite.

Both tanks are efficient when it comes to performance, but you will also have various disadvantages which are why most people consider nowadays bolted steel tanks as the alternative.

Steel tanks can be challenging to finish at the site, which could lead to additional corrosion and you have to inspect all welds before you start with equipping.

On the other hand, concrete tanks are cumbersome, and it will require lots of time to create, to dry down and you have to fix it properly to avoid leakage.

The third and most popular option to consider nowadays is to use bolted tanks that use die cut steel panels or laser cut panel, and it is the convenient choice because you will have to transport it and bolt it onsite. They will provide you with the strength of steel, but it is much easier to repair, maintain and install.

Simple To Assemble

Both steel and concrete tanks have to be inspected and welded onsite which could be hassle and time-consuming project, and it requires days of installation before you start using it as well as associated expenses plenty of labor, and if weather changes and begins to rain, the process could be postponed or delayed.

The best thing about bolted tanks is that they will be manufactured off-site and you have to assemble it in a matter of hours without thinking on weather conditions or anything that could interfere with it.

It Comes Already Pre-Assembled

Unlike concrete and field-welded tanks that have to be coated and sealed onsite, the best thing about bolted tanks is that they come already pre-assembled so that you can rest assured all the way.

Every single piece and section will be manufactured in an environmentally-controlled facility where metal will be welded and formed. Then they will add a surface that will reduce the chances of corrosion so that you can enjoy all the way.

The bare metal will get zirconium liquid and silica seal and coating which is an excellent choice for reducing and inhibiting corrosion possibilities, and it will encourage adhesion of the final surface of the layer.

We are talking about epoxy powder which is applied and heat cured to ensure corrosion free and durable finish. Since everything will be over in controlled manufacturing facility, that will create less waste and pollution which means that bolted tanks are eco-friendly in overall.

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Since welded steel and concrete tanks require sealants that feature consequences to the environment especially if you do it wrong, that could create time-consuming and money wasting problems. At the same time, if the weather starts such as wind and rain, that could inhibit the effect of sealant, so you will have to wait for it to stop so that you can continue.

In some areas, restrictions will be based on how and when sealants are applied, which could lead to high compliance and delay costs. Since you can finish and already make them off-site, bolted tanks are a much more environment-friendly and convenient solution for your requirements.

Simple To Install

Bolted tanks will provide you exceptional flexibility that will surpass both concrete and steel tanks. You can choose a wide array of sizes and capacities and customize it to fit the installation space without any additional problem.

It doesn’t matter if you have a narrow site, because you can make it taller, and since it doesn’t require a significant installation process, you will be able to make it anyhow you prefer based on local regulations and project requirements.

Even if you need more capacity, you can add directly to existing bolted tank, and improve its size based on your needs without spending too much time on the new tank and additional material and labor similarly as other types.