What is true value? It’s is about making it meaningful, important and makes sense.

The value

The thing about having value in our field is how we can add meaning to almost everything, we believe that every bits and pieces of the puzzle is important. Have you ever seen the movie “The Accountant”? During the starts of the movie when the main character was being introduced (a child with special needs) and while the parents and the doctor is doing this consultation about the hero on what is best for him, he was doing a puzzle, when he wasn’t able to find the final piece of the puzzle he was being violent and shouting, let’s end the story there. Imagine that the puzzle is a building (your building) and when it was almost complete with just the last piece, for some unknown reason no one can find it, I can only imagine what you would feel if that will happen to you.

When it happened and after that you got your people even hired 3rd party professionals to look into it and give you an answer and you know what they came up with? (In this make up scenario) lack of forecast, it was you all along; now what would that make you feel?

This all goes down to the value of everything around, in construction there will always be some issues (forbid the building is one) and the more that you know how to make it work and prevent any big piece missing during and after will help you not just with the execution and the cost but also with the time that you are able to build it.


What adding value equals to is efficiency, and that is what BIM value engineering brings to the table here. Hiring firms sometimes is not after all mess has been made, but the best thing rather to hire a firm is when a project is still being planned and started and continued to be monitored in order to have the expected results. Verve can help you with that with BIM, we add value and we are the missing puzzle piece that you need in order to be successful.