For pretty much a century, swimming pool water continues to be regarded as the only method to disinfect water in pools and spas. Yet this process generally yields red, inflammed eyes, dry and brittle hair, swimmer’s ear, dry itchy skin, bleached out swimsuits, along with a distinct odor in your body and within the water.

Swimming pool water is really a strong bleach and it is harmful. Research has linked it with cancer, and researcher claim it’s a leading reason for erosion from the Earths ozone layer.

Main point here…no one likes Swimming pool water!

Now you ask ,, what is the safer, more efficient and eco-nomical method to treat your pool system without using swimming pool water or chemicals? There’s, systems like copper/silver ion technology systems practically eliminates the necessity of toxic chemicals like swimming pool water and algaecides.

Systems such as these natural and chemical free pool system relies on a copper/silver ion technology system. It’s a well-documented proven fact that copper and silver ions kill algae, bacteria, and infections. Many forms of copper, silver, copper/silver ion technology systems happen to be used for centuries to disinfect water and safeguard against infection from bacteria.

The Traditional Greeks were the first one to uncover the sanitizing power copper by utilizing copper containers for his or her potable water. Early American pioneers moving west over the continent put copper and silver coins in large wooden water casks to give them safe consuming water on their own lengthy voyage. Once the wagons folded, the agitation caused the coins to release ions (an electrically billed particle) within the water.

The copper wiped out algae as the silver wiped out bacteria and infections. Several studies by major universities have documented the potency of the copper/silver ion technology process and NASA utilized copper/silver ion technology, a swimming pool water free treatment system, for pure consuming water on Apollo flights.

Chlorine free pool systems just like a copper/silver ion technology system includes a set of formulated electrodes, made up of copper and silver which are put into-type of your overall equipment inside a unique flow-cell chamber. A micro-processor designed control box releases a controllable low-current Electricity charge towards the electrodes, releasing natural and safe mineral ions in to the water.

Using the copper attacking algae and also the silver killing bacteria and infections, your pool systems water will come across and exceed Environmental protection agency consuming water standards. Can you rather go swimming in swimming pool water filled or salt ridden water or can you rather go swimming in consuming water? I believe the reply is obvious!

The actual benefits include:

Eco Healthy and safe – Swimming pool water is harmful towards the atmosphere as well as your body because it absorbs using your skin.

Worthwhile – An investment of the swimming pool water free pool system like copper/silver ion technology is rapidly retrieved by virtually eliminating pricey swimming pool water products, algaecides by prolonging pool equipment.

An idea of rendering swimming classes to children is something that could be lovely. You would get satisfaction and also get good income. However, to take care of children, you could avail the services of chlorine free pool system building experts.