By installing awnings, you can protect your home from the sun and provide extra privacy and protection to a sun deck or patio. One of the awnings that is used today is a folding arm awning, also referred to as a retractable awning. These kinds of awnings add charm to an outdoor setting while providing an ideal indoor-outdoor atmosphere for entertaining, night or day.

Therefore, if you are considering the purchase of awnings, you will find that they lend a fashionable extension to a shaded space and are particularly useful over a balcony, swimming pool, patio, terrace, home, restaurant, or café. You can transform an outdoor area of a business or home at one affordable price.

Extend Your Boundaries Seamlessly

You can also extend the boundaries of your living or workspace without any obstructions, such as permanent beams or posts. Not only that, retailers and restaurants can use their folding awnings as an advertisement by adding their company’s name, logo, or graphics to the shade. Therefore, the awnings not only add to the ambience of a building, they also enable a business to enhance its influence in a community.

Folding outdoor awnings in Melbourne supply natural climate control and shelter from extreme weather and the harmful UV rays of the sun. You can select from a large range of plains, distinctive stripes, and colours, each which can be used to reflect a person’s individual preferences.

Easy to Use

The awnings are also made for ease of use. You can use a crank handle for manual operation or you can choose a motorised solution. If you choose the remote controlled awning, make sure it is fully backed by a warranty. You can either flick a switch or stroll around at your leisure and use the remote control. You can also have sun, wind, and rain sensors, as well as timers, added for complete ease of use.

Make sure the company you choose to install the awning has experience in the industry and offers an obligation-free, in-home appraisal. Also, make sure the installation can be purchased using financing that is interest-free.

Drop Arm Awnings

You might also consider installing drop arm awnings, which are a fashionable and compact alternative to installing a sun blind. The drop arm awning system can be designed with either balcony arms or curved arms. Whilst the awnings are specifically designed for windows that do not feature a balcony, they can actually be used for balconies as well as doorways and shop fronts.

You can choose drop arm awnings in three selections for the arms: without tension, with medium tension, and with tension. This type of awning system can be operated inside the house with a motor or a gear. The drop arm awning is the only system of its kind that closes a balcony arm without any need for assistance. The fabric is simply rolled up.

All the plastic parts on the awning are painted to match the extruded and metal components, thereby preventing discolouration over time. The components can be painted any colour to match the aluminium on a window’s frame.

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