There are a number of factors that contribute to the drain field problems. The best decision you can ever make when you suspect any kind of septic system damage is to consult your septic contractor right away! When it comes to the homeowners who possess no knowledge on how to handle such crises, you need their guidance and assistance to look after it, whether it is a restoration or a drain field repair.

Here are a few common causes of what contributes to the drain field problems.

  1. Lack of maintenance of the septic system

When homeowners do not keep the maintenance of their septic systems up to date, it can contribute to many problems, which is not simply limited to drain field. Hence, it is important to maintain it to the best of your ability.

  1. Tree roots

There are a wide variety of trees in your garden that has root systems that cultivate far beyond the homeowners’ expectations. These overgrown roots contribute to infiltrate a drain field, as well as the constituents of Home sewage system, and it really causes a lot of mayhem and untidiness. The roots have a knack to overgrow towards the drain because in order to survive and cultivate, they look out for sources of water nearby.

  1. Grease

You should refrain from applying grease down the stairs where septic systems have been installed. The grease will, by a time, will block the passage of oxygen in the drain field, which will obstruct its functionality.

  1. Outdated

When the homeowners fail to upgrade their septic system installation, the equipment depreciates and fail to handle the capacity of modern homes. Just in case, this situation occurs, a complete septic system replacement is the only viable option. If you are looking for some of the latest installation of septic systems, visit Groundstone. This is a septic designing, installing and repairing company specializing in residential wastewater systems

  1. Sludge overload

If you think septic system is all about a tank for waste, then you are misguided. Septic systems are a balanced system that helps in eliminating sludge and sulphite build-up with the help of bacteria. Nowadays, homeowners often out to use strong household cleaners that deteriorate this balance that further contributes to septic problems.

  1. Vehicle damage

The drain field and its piping equipment are not meant to handle the weight of heavy vehicles or objects. It makes them vulnerable to damage. As many of the homeowners install the septic systems out in their front lawn, which makes it more prone to damage.

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