Natural hardwood flooring has always been one of the top choices for homeowners. No matter how much we talk of tiles that replicate the look of wood, natural wood has a unique charm and warmth that cannot be completely imitated. If you check for hardwood flooring, it is quite likely that someone may suggest reclaimed flooring.

For the uninitiated, reclaimed flooring comes from an old barn, factory, home or industrial space, which has been “reclaimed” to be used in a new home or commercial setting. In many ways, buying and investing in reclaimed flooring is like acquiring a piece of history. You know that your home contains something that’s valuable in a different way, and every floor is entirely unique. Here’s a look at the advantages of selecting reclaimed flooring.

  • Make a sustainable choice. By opting for reclaimed flooring, you can actually go for a sustainable choice that will have a positive impact on the environment and our planet. Some of the recycled materials may even qualify for LEED certification. What most of us don’t realize is the number of tress being cut each year is increasing significantly, and the cons of that is well known. When you can, make a choice that’s for everyone’s good.


  • Assured aesthetic value. There is no denying that reclaimed flooring looks unique and classy, and you can be assured that your flooring doesn’t look anything close to your neighbors’. Done right, reclaimed flooring can change the aesthetic value of your home, and if you intend to sell the house later, you can expect to get a better price.
  • Own a part of history. The companies that deal in reclaimed flooring often get their resources from diverse places and locations. As such, reclaimed wood feels like a part of history, and you can actually be proud of the fact that the flooring has been designed from something that has historic significance. Think of the stories we have heard about farm life and how that can be a part of your home.
  • Get it customized. Contrary to what many may believe, reclaimed flooring can be customized and treated to get a look that blends with your interiors. While many owners like the natural look of reclaimed wood, it can be further finished to perfection, depending on the kind of theme you have.

  • Flooring that is stronger. Reclaimed wood was harvested long back, often over a hundred years ago, and that makes the wood much stronger and denser. In facts, experts agree that old wood is much more stable than material that has been harvested in recent years. Since reclaimed flooring is already subject to temperature fluctuations and weather extremes, you can expect your investment to last.

To make the most of reclaimed flooring, check online and find a service that deals in such material. Depending on your request, you can get an estimate for free, and while reclaimed wood may cost a tad more in some cases, that difference is always worth paying.