The Top Home Improvement Items you Need to Check on First

We’re in the middle of a cold, cold winter, and no doubt you’re focused on how to keep your home warm as the outside temperature fluctuates. This is the time of year we all engage our furnaces and hope they’re functioning well enough to heat our homes well and evenly until spring returns.

But all too often, people find themselves having to constantly dial up their furnaces just to get the house warm enough to be livable. You may find that no matter how high you turn up your heat, the house never reaches the temperature you’re trying to achieve.

Here are some home improvement fixes you should look into if this is the case.

Replace Drafty Windows

Examine your windows and see if a draft is coming in. If one is, you’re fighting a losing battle trying to heat your home—all your heat is escaping and being replaced by cold air from outside! Call in a window installation professional like the team at JDI Windows  to help you swap out your drafty old windows for new ones that will keep your house insulated and warm Not only will you see improvements in the ease of warming your home, you’re also likely to start seeing a reduced energy bill.

Check for Air Duct Blockage

Often the simplest possible answer is also the true one. Go around the house and look at your air ducts, making sure they are not closed or otherwise blocked. Allowing warm air to get into your home could be as simple as removing an obstruction or opening a vent! This is especially true if you’ve noticed that one part of your house is generally colder than the rest. It could simply be the case that the warm air isn’t reaching that area.

Recalibrate the Thermostat

It’s possible that your thermostat isn’t giving you an accurate reading, and if you’re out of ideas, it’s time to call in a professional to look at it. You should also have a pro look at your heater itself, as components such as the coilers may need to be replaced. None of these are DIY projects—they should all be handled by someone with knowledge and experience in the field. The last thing you want is to cause long term damage to your furnace and end up paying more than you need to to buy a new one.

Keep warm this winter—make sure all the elements of your home are in peak condition and ready to face the cold!