There are different types of curtains used in the home, some that are made of material which could be easily cleaned at home and some are those that require dry cleaning.

However, the curtains require regular cleaning as it attracts dust particles easily. Either the curtain is made of normal cotton material or any fancy material; it contains pores that attract dust and debris more than a normal cloth. Therefore, it becomes important for the homeowner to clean their curtains at a regular internal of time.

Curtain dry cleaning in Singapore not required for all types

curtain dry cleaning

If one does not want to take the pain of cleaning the large curtains at home, then giving it for dry cleaning is an easy option. Nevertheless, someone thinks that curtains could be cleaned only with the dry cleaning process only then it is not correct.

The simple cotton curtains or those made of velvet material could be easily cleaned at home in the washing machine. However, the heavy curtains that contain some kind of thread work or need dry cleaning for sure. Machine wash could damage the thread work and fabric of the curtain.

Which curtains can be taken for dry cleaning?

  • The curtains that are made of heavy fabric material.
  • Those that contain some kind of work on it.
  • Those that left color while washing, these curtains not only get fadeout but also spoils other curtains if washed in the machine.
  • Those that come with the label curtain dry cleaning Singapore should only be dry cleaned.

Find the best cleaner in Singapore

One can find the best of the cleaners in Singapore; these cleaners ensure fast cleaning and delivery of curtains at home. Moreover, the cleaner use latest and advanced tools to clean different types of curtains.

Curtain Cleaning services can be a useful service as they can help to minimize the time and effort that is wasted on dust, dirt, and grime and they are experienced in cleaning most types of curtains.