Aluminum Wiring was commonly used for residential building construction during the 1960Õs and 1970Õs. Aluminum wiring is less costly than copper wiring and is a lighter working material. These attributes of aluminum made the material popular for home wiring installation services. The disadvantages of aluminum wiring lie directly in the long-term functionality of aluminum and in the way that aluminum wiring can impact the health of those living in the home. Aluminum wiring is a dangerous and hazardous material that should be removed and replaced with copper.

Aluminum wiring can exist in your home but can cause serious property damage and electrical inefficiency issue in your home. One major long-term functionality issue with aluminum wiring involves overheating. As electricity flows through wires it can create heat, which can cause the aluminum wire to expand and contract. Consistent physical changes in aluminum wiring are known as ÒcreepingÓ. Creeping can result in weakened connections and further wire overheating. If aluminum wires are left to drastically overheat the creeping can result in an electrical fire. Nearby wood frames and insulation can come in contact with creeping aluminum wires, which can then leads to fires in your home.

The other long-term function disadvantages of aluminum wiring lie in the softness of the wires and in potential rust of the wires. Aluminum is a much softer material than copper. Aluminum wires are much more likely to be damaged during wire other home improvement processes. A damaged aluminum wire can then increase the rate of creeping that the wire endures. White rust can also form on the outside of your aluminum wiring. Unlike copper, which does not see negative conductivity impacts from rusting, when aluminum rusts the eclectic conductivity seriously suffers. A rusted aluminum wire can result in a less efficient electrical system and also increase the rate of wire creeping. The initial costs savings from utilizing aluminum instead of copper wiring can quickly dissipate with the increased amount of maintenance requirements or property damage that aluminum wiring is associated with.

Individuals who are commonly exposed to aluminum can see serious health impacts. Personal exposure to toxic metal can directly impact your brain or central nervous system (CNS). When your CNS is consistently harmed, serious mental health illnesses can be the result. AlzheimerÕs has been directly linked to consistent aluminum exposure and or ingestion. Do not put your health or the health of your loved ones at risk with aluminum wiring.

Never attempt to remove your own aluminum wiring. If you home has aluminum wiring or if you have concerns about the presence of potential aluminum wiring in your home, you should not hesitate to contact a trusted electrical professional. Professional electricians can inspect your existing aluminum wiring and perform copper wiring upgrades. Copper wiring is a safe and more useful alternative to aluminum. Avoid the functionality declines and health risks of aluminum wiring, with professional copper wiring upgrade services.