If you are considering replacing the windows of your house, it is wise to look beyond the regular options. A quick online check will give you many choices, but one of the most relevant options today is triple glazed windows. Before you look for UPVC Windows or any other options, we have some quick tips right here for you.

What’s triple glazing?

The concept of triple glazing was first used in Sweden and later in many of the colder countries, so as to increase the insulation. These triple glazed windows are created in the same way as double glazed windows, except for the fact that there is an additional panel in the middle. This translates to better energy efficiency, which is a great benefit. Also, the thickness of the window doesn’t really change, although the sound reduction properties are significantly improved.

Should you switch?

There is no denying that double glazed windows are still pretty common and work wonders for most homes. However, if you are looking at better functionality, triple glazed windows are a better choice by all means. In some areas, this is more like an investment, because the surroundings are noisy and the winters are pretty hard. For additional warmth in the room, this is quite an important decision. The heat loss caused by windows is measured in what is known as the “U Value”. It is best to look for windows with lower U value. Regular windows have a U value of 5 or even higher, while with triple glazed windows, the measure is 1 or even less.

What else to know?

It is best to check with a local installer to understand if triple glazed windows are the right choice for your home. There are some companies that deal with custom requirements, but there may be some width limitations, which must be noted. Secondly, the prices of these windows are higher than the regular ones, so it is best to get a quote in advance. While these windows are great for the winters, the pressure on HVAC systems can increase during the summers. Quite obviously, you have to consider the weather too before making a choice.

To find the right installer, look for companies that are willing to offer quote in advance. As needed, you can ask for their fitter to come and check the measurements, following which the estimate can be revised or negotiated.