The concept of topdressing has been around for years. However, its benefits have been recognized by homeowners just recently. The term Topdressing refers to a prepared mixture of soil or sand, which is used on the surface of a lawn. The term even refers to the actual process of applying this mixture.

In topdressing, the material is evenly applied on the entire lawn surface in a thin layer, usually ½ inch or even less. The material gradually gets to the thatch layer either by raking, or by getting washed in rain or sprinklers. Also, with time it will settle down on its own. Topdressing is a laborious task, and probably that is the reason why it is less popular.

Well, fortunately, now there are many motorized lawn top dresser machines available in the market. To buy the best one, you can always contact – Although, if you are on a budget and buying a top dresser applicator doesn’t make sense financially, you can always consider hiring services of lawn care companies.

How to Topdress?

Manually: Spread the compost over the lawn with the help of a shovel. Toss the compost in a smooth sweeping motion and try to spread the material as evenly as possible. Next, you can use a rake to ensure even distribution. It is ideal to water immediately to settle and keep the material in place.

Mechanically: Since topdressing is a physically challenging task, motorized topdressing machines are gaining a lot of popularity. A topdressing machine has a hopper that holds the material, a motorized belt that transfers the material to a spinning disc which then spreads the material on the lawn surface.

Why Top Dress your lawn?

Topdressing is very beneficial for your lawn. In fact, it is hard to believe that it is not included in every lawn care procedure. Here are a few reasons for which you must consider top dressing your lawn:

  • Topdressing improves the overall soil health, since it adds organic matter as well as necessary microorganisms in the soil via compost.
  • Topdressing alters the soil structure and drainage by adding corrective materials like sand to it.
  • Topdressing works as an effective fertilizer for long-term, and it controls the thatch later as well.
  • Topdressing will help you remove bumps caused because of worm casting.

Well, you see, how great topdressing is for your lawn. So, the next time you plan to go for a lawn care program, make sure you include the task of topdressing to the list.