Amidst the dark hills, thorny forest, and the dry chilly air, winter always has some special fragrance of the burning logs amidst the beauty of a stone hearth, the heart of the home, the fireplace.  The fireplace is still used – to cook, to sit around, to warm the cold palms, and to please the eye. Even today, these fires are lit in the early morning and fed throughout the day as traditional customs. The long zigzag ribbons of smoke in the cool windy atmosphere have indeed made fireplaces the new trendsetters.

Finding a correct fireplace can be a challenge

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are excellent tools for heat and ambiance, but the mess and frustration that accompanies them may irritate many.

 There are many different forms of indoor modern or traditional fireplaces to be placed inside a house. Here is a list of some:

Wood burning

They have been warming the cold interiors for ages. There are a number of options available for this category, and they can differ in terms of how easy they are to install, how much heat they can produce and how cost-efficient they can be in order to operate. It will require a little amount of construction work to put in the opening for the chimney to provide proper ventilation. Hence, wood-burning fireplaces have stood the test of time to provide comfort and warmth for centuries.

Electric Fireplaces

They offer an excellent alternative for wood or gas burning fireplaces. The best part is that these fireplaces do not produce any smoke because which extra cost for installing chimneys is reduced. Hence, this type also tends to reduce the carbon footprint.  It is easy to install and can be placed within the walls or mantelpiece very easily. One interesting aspect is that their color can be changed from blue to green, to red and other bright colors. They can run without the heater turned on and hence can work very well throughout the year without overheating the space. With an electric fireplace, there is no need to worry about cleaning up ashes or sweeping the chimney thus requires minimum maintenance.


These burn natural gas or propane fuels as compared to wood. They consist of a firebox, a chimney and a gas line run to the unit. It is a popular replacement for traditional wood-burning ones. These are of two types: direct vent fireplaces and ventless fireplaces.


These are the latest additions to provide for the modern home outlooks. They provide affordable and easy to install as they do not need venting, therefore can be placed anywhere in the house. The advantage of alcohol as a fuel is that it is one of the cleanest burning fuels available, which produce only water vapor and carbon dioxide with trace amounts of carbon monoxide, preventing health hazards.

Fireplaces are considered the heart of the home

They enhance your space and add immense value to your home. Let us not forget the traditional cultural roots in the advent of modernization rather than blend the two and create new forms.