Over the few years, machine tools have evolved gradually. And it is being used in every field, at the present time these are used in computerized numerical control (CNC), which can repeat the entire work sequences with utmost precision, and create complex pieces of a number of shapes and sizes.

Different techniques can be used to eliminate unwanted metal in the process of shaping parts or fabricating, particularly the single edge cutting tools Malaysia; cutting tools for multiple edge, grinding and electrical discharge machining.

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Various examples of machine tools are

  • Milling machine

This is a tool used to machine metal solid materials.

  • Grinding machine

This is a tool used to grind things; hereto cut the material an abrasive wheel is used.

  • Planer

This is a tool that is used for linear and straight movement between a single-point cutting tool and work piece.

  • Lathe

This is a tool that rotates or revolves a work piece on its own axis to carry out a number of operations on it such as turning, drilling, facing, boring, grooving, parting off and threading.

  • Shaper

This is a tool that functions similar to a planer, but it is smaller in size, and has a cutter that rides a ram. The ram moves over a fixed work piece.

  • Broaching machine

This uses a broach or toothed tool to remove material. Two types of broaching are used in the tool rotary and linear.

A few other machine tools are geared shapers, drill presses, threading machines and saws.

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