A room painting which can be done by Oahu Pro Painters – commercial contractor for example can make all the difference in a house or apartment. The simple act of changing the colors of a place can change people’s perception of that space. However, far beyond the perception of space, colors, and paintings also bring different sensations. With that in mind, we developed a text to explain the benefits of a new trend that has gained homes: burnt cement painting. Follow below the benefits that can be brought by painting a burnt cement room.

What Is The Effect Of Burnt Cement?

The name of this painting effect may mislead the unsuspecting. Contrary to what it indicates a priori, it does not concern the exposure of cement to high temperatures to achieve a specific color state. Burnt cement emerged from mixtures made from cement and sand. However, its color became popular over time and became more used on walls and entire rooms. Therefore, ink brands started to make products to achieve this color effect.

Thermal Sensation

Most people are probably already familiar with “warm colors” and “cool colors.” This denomination, However, is not just a way of classifying colors. Colors give human beings the most diverse sensations when observed. In the case of warm colors, intuitively, the sensation passes heat. While on the other hand, cool colors convey a cooler feeling. Gray, the color of burnt cement, fits into the category of cold colors and is, therefore, a good option to bring a cooler thermal sensation to rooms.

The Elegance Of The Burnt Cement Effect

When well used and applied in the right rooms, paired with appropriate decor, burnt cement can be an exquisite option. As it is not a very flashy color, it prevents environments from getting too busy and tiring our vision after a short time. It is an effect that brings an idea of ​​modernity when combined with other minimalist decor elements.

Little Dirt Buildup Compared To Other Colors

For example, white walls can be a nightmare for those who have small children at home. Any type of dirt is prominent. Compared with this lighter color, burnt cement has a good advantage. Even dirty, its appearance doesn’t give much away to the eyes.

A changing room could be the renovation your home needed

Refreshing a room can be a simple change that makes a huge difference. Changing sensations of size and temperature certainly make a big difference. However, if that alone is not enough, it may be time for a deeper change. And maybe a change of residence is ideal.

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