It is exciting to buy a new home. Whether the home is pre-owned and new to you or built for you, it is an amazing feeling to own a home. You may have already started dreaming about how you will decorate the bedrooms, kitchen, and living room. You can picture yourself hosting the next family function in the comfort of your backyard. But before you sign off to a pre-owned home, there are many things you should consider. Pre-owned homes are used. Like clothes, cars, and electronics, a pre-owned home is going to have higher maintenance and upkeep. A newly built home and its systems will have a much longer life before it requires maintenance.

Custom Does Not Mean Expensive

When you think of a custom-designed home, you may think of the expense first. Custom-designed clothing, jewellery, and homes are not only for the wealthy. The term “custom-designed” does not indicate a price. Instead, custom and pre-designed homes are relatively affordable and comparable to pre-owned homes. However, unlike pre-owned homes, you will not have to compromise nearly as much. Instead, you can pick a pre-designed floor plan, whether it is one storey, two storeys, or three-storeys, that is perfect for your family size. If you love a floor plan but want to make slight changes, you can speak with the building company about making small alterations. Unless it is a structural issue, most designers can work with you so you do not have to compromise or go without a feature you desire in your new home.

Custom Homes

Custom home designs include multiple storeys, open and closed floor plans, various bedrooms, walk-in closets, and tons of storage space. When you speak with a building agent, you will want to list your exact needs for your growing family. They can narrow down the selection of pre-designed floor plans. For example, if you require a three-bedroom home, they will not show you one- and two-bedroom options.

The builders may have a pre-selected choice for materials. For example, they may have chosen marble granite countertops, oak-cherry cabinetry, and modern trim throughout the house. They may also have pre-selected light fixtures, windows, and doors. What is great about a custom home design, is you can alter the material as long as it does not affect the structure. For example, you may prefer quartz countertops instead of marble granite countertops. Do you want a clawfoot bathtub instead of a shower/bath combination tub? Unlike a preowned home, making these simple changes is easy and you will not require a huge remodel as it will be built according to your wants and needs.