You may need storage for one of various reasons. Maybe you do not like the fact that you have too much clutter in your home. However, you may not want to dispose of some of the excess items. If so, you can easily have such items that are merely taking up space stored nicely in a clean and spotless warehouse facility.

Does the Removal Company Offer Storage?

Maybe you are renovating your home and need short-term storage. If this is the case, you can have items temporarily stored until the remodelling work is finished. People moving house or office also regularly make use of storage units. In fact, the mover who is handling your removal should offer storage services and access. That way, you can store any items that will take up too much space in your new office or commercial facility.

Items That Can Be Stored

When storing items, it is helpful to know what can and cannot be stored in storage units in Shropshire. Items that can be stored include the following:

  • Household items. Most household items can be easily stored in a storage facility. These items include furniture, books, clothes, toys, kitchen items, linens, and office supplies and accessories. If you store these belonging during a move, you can move at a slower pace and unpack your belongings at your leisure.
  • Commercial goods. Items that businesses can store include equipment, furniture, office supplies, and shipping and packaging supplies. In addition, storage units are also recommended for filing documents that do not need to be accessed daily.
  • Most electronics can be stored in a storage facility. Items such as televisions, Blu-Ray players, or DVD players are examples of these items. You can also store gaming devices and computer equipment such as printers and monitors. However, if you do store your electronics, make sure the unit is climate-controlled.
  • Appliances. An appliance can be stored as long as it has been cleaned and dried. Examples of appliances include microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, or washers and dryers. Smaller appliances that have been cleaned, such as coffee makers, toasters, or vacuums, can be placed in storage as well.

What You Cannot Store

Items that cannot be stored in a storage facility include plants, animals, or hazardous materials such as propane, chemicals, paint, or cleaners. You also cannot store fireworks, explosives, or fertilisers. Anything radioactive or considered illegal is not considerable storable. Other items that cannot be stored in warehouse storage facilities include perishables such as pet food or food items, weapons, or vehicles that are not driveable.

Convenient Pickups

If you elect to store your items, you can have storage containers delivered to your residence for domestic storage. Businesses can have files archived as well, and accessibility can be arranged by the storage company.