A steady electrical supply is needed in the house if you want to keep your appliances and electrical equipment running smoothly. Electricity is an essential requirement in this day and age. Virtually all home appliances from heaters and air conditioners to dishwashers and washing machines are powered by electricity. If there’s an electrical malfunction in the house, you need to get it checked and fixed right away or risk extensive damage to your property. Not only can a malfunction cause your electrical appliances and equipment to fail but it can also cause damage to the electrical circuitry in the house. Here are some electrical emergencies that need your immediate attention.

Electrical Fluctuations

A fluctuation in voltage may not seem to be much but it could eventually prove to be a bigger issue in the long run. Voltage needs to be steady in order to keep your appliances running smoothly. If there’s constant fluctuation, connected equipment might be damaged permanently. For instance, if there’s a severe fluctuation in voltage, the electrical circuitry within computers, air conditioners, television sets, and other equipment might be damaged. When the voltage drops, ceiling fans tend to become slow and light bulbs get progressively dimmer. You should shut off all connected electrical appliances and call an emergency electrician in Glasgow to fix the issue right away.

Electrical voltage fluctuations can be caused due to a number of reasons. It might be an issue with the wiring in your house or a problem in the distribution panel. Or, it may be caused due to a fault on the part of your electricity supplier. If you can notice electrical fluctuations regularly in your house, you might want to hire an electrician to look at the issue. Timely action could prevent costly damage to other electrical equipment in the house.

Sparks or Burning Smell

If you can notice sparks flying from any particular socket or smell something burning, you should turn off the power supply in that particular socket right away. The burning smell is probably due to the insulation burning off in the wires behind the socket. This can lead to a major short circuit if you don’t get it checked. Usually, this problem occurs if you put too much load on one particular electrical outlet. If you have connected several electrical machines to the same outlet, it could probably cause sparks to fly.

Do not use the socket until the electricians arrive at your place to fix the problem. They will carefully remove the electrical panel and check the wiring underneath and replace all damaged components. They will also guide you about how much load you can put on each outlet to prevent such an occurrence in the future.