We all love to watch football, be it on television or at the stadium. We love the players and we love to see them play but there is one more thing that binds us to watch the game and that is the play field. Obvious yes! Although we never have it in our conscious brain but yes the aura of the field plays a vital role in keeping us intact during the game. Just imagine players playing in a distorted field, nor will they be interested in playing neither will we be interested in viewing. But, have you ever thought, that it is a team of specialists that works day and night to keep them green and pleasant. These are experts in syndicate with proficiency in their own domain.

It is not only the grass that makes a field look good, there are many other things those need to be measured, calculated and researched for keeping it content all the time. It all starts with the basic ingredient soil. The quality of the soil is to be designated and maintained as per the requirement of fertility for the grass. Necessary amendments are made in soil to keep the requirements of composition intact. Compressing of soil is another important aspect hat is to be done with acute precision and balance. Post the analysis and amendments, essential fertilizers are used for effective and even growth of grass. These fertilizers are customized according to the need of soil to harvest the field. These compositions help the grass to grow faster. Irrigating the field after this is very important and done under supervision of experts, as the watering is to be done adequately for the grass to grow fine and green. Dethatching is the next step once the grass grows to adequate level. Scarification is a process which is done with machines and under professional supervision. The thatches are to be removed and reduced to keep the nutrients; water and air get to the roots of grass making it strong and green. Provisions are kept for emergency revamping of the field. Regular field maintenance is needed after the process to keep it clean and green. Another important thing that is to be taken care is the goal mouth repairs and field markings. Timely testing and reporting of soil, regular mowing of grass and irrigating it adequately in given time frame are few of the maintenance activities which are performed by the professionals at regular and predetermined intervals.

Every field is different and is used for different sport; hence, it is necessary to know the detailed report of soil so as to create a strategy and solution accordingly. Taking care of fields is time taking and an exhaustive task; it needs meticulousness, understanding and skill to perform the entire activity. BSG group has core acumen in maintaining the fields with skilled and trained professionals to analyze and customize the services according to your requirements. You may visit http://bsg.com.sg/field-maintenance/ for any further assistance and know-how of the modus operandi.