You may feel overwhelmed while selecting the right wrought iron door for your home. But the decision does require considerable thinking and planning. Since the door is the first thing people see without even entering a room, you should select one wisely.

One of the many reasons that homeowners prefer iron doors is because they offer both style and functionality. They also complement several types of architectural home styles, also boosting curb appeal. Here’s how you can select a single wrought iron door for your house.


When you picture a wrought iron door, you might think of conventional metal curls. But the truth is that these iron doors have a lot of design options to offer. If you’re looking for an iron doorthat exhibits your unique personality, you can go for a customized version.

Iron doors have a versatile design that goes well with Victorian flourishes and swirls, or a clean, contemporary style. From traditional, rustic styles to iron doors with simple, clean lines, you can select a design that matches your home’s style.

Some popular designsthat have rich scrolling and bends are inspired by the Mediterranean region. Other styles have symmetrical, interlocked, and repetitive patterns. You might find many tempting options, but it’s best to go through them all and choose one that you’ll want to see every day.


Whoever said wrought iron doors are only suitable as entry doors never saw one placed at a house’s backside. If you want to add an iron door to your home’s entry or exit point, consider adding windows to it.

In this way, you’re using natural light to your advantage and allowing the space to exude a warm, inviting vibe. You can also add more than one iron door to your home. But make sure the design of both your iron doors complements each other.


Since you’re updating your home’s appearance, think about the shape and size of your wrought iron door. The size of the iron door’s windowsand your selected design will decide how much you can change its proportions. From an arched shape to a square door frame, you can select the kind of wrought iron door that best suits your aesthetic style.

Door Finish

Depending on your home’s interior and exterior, you have several options to choose from for the door’s finish. You can choose a classic, sleek black finish for your wrought iron door to give off a sophisticated vibe.

But if you’re looking for a distinctive look that you don’t get tired of, you can select a different-colored finish. Whether it’s gold, patina, silver, or any other color, several options can make your wrought iron door the focal point of your home.

Door Handles

One of the last things you might be focusing on is your iron door handles. But when you’re choosing a suitable door for your home, every detail matters. Door handles are an important part of your wrought iron door.

Not only can they enjoy the limelight on their own, but they can also blend well with the rest of youriron door.Whether it’s simple, minimalistic door handles, or ornate, geometric ones, it’s best to reflect on their function while choosing one.

If your priority is comfort over fashion, a simple handle that’s easy to hold would work for you. But if your artistic personality values aesthetic appeal over functionality, a twisty style iron door handle might be suitable.


When you’re adding windows to your wrought iron doors, you should think about how many you’d ideally want and their placement. A full-glass panel behind your iron door can help you make the most ofnatural light during the day.

The type of glass that you choose will also decide the level of privacy your home receives and its vibe. Frosted glass and various other glass textures can prevent people from peeking into your home without completelyobstructing your view.

All in all, single wrought iron doors can help you increase your property’s value as they’re a significant part of your fixtures. Adding in a single wrought iron doorcan also help you make the most of a tight space.

They can neatly fit into a smaller area that has the same measurements as a single iron door.With the help of an expert iron door manufacturer, you can turn your dream home vision into a reality.

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