It is possible to build a garden roof with a flat roof instead of relying on the classic pitched roof. Shingles with flat roofs look nice and are easy to build, but you should not forget one thing: the seal. Below you will find tips on how the flat roof garden house can be sealed and what is important to note.

The garden house with flat roof

Especially those who value a modern architectural style or who might also have a carport or a garage with a flat roof on the property, likes to opt for a flat roof garden shed. Last but not least, flat roofs are ideal for building an ecological garden shed with green roofs and other environmentally friendly measures such as a photovoltaic system for solar energy or pellet heating for the winter to put. With the waterproof specialist this is a very important matter.

A green, flat roof has a natural insulation and insulation, but again you do not come around to the correct flat roof seal. Garden sheds with flat roofs are in fact much more exposed to the weather than those with pitched roofs. Rain or snow hits directly from above on the horizontal attack surface and stays partially there for a long time, because there is no tendency to run off.

Snow layers form in winter and not only burden the roof by the heavy weight, but it can also penetrate moisture, seep through and drip. This rots the wood, creates mold and makes repairs necessary. You should therefore not just build the flat roof garden shed , but it necessarily seal properly.

Materials for sealing

There are several materials to choose from to seal a flat garden house roof. Some also come with the house itself or z. B. at the terrace and the carport to carry. The following sealing materials are common:

Sealing materials

Various aspects speak for and against the respective material. They should make the choice of, among other things, the building itself – the style and material of the garden house – as well as the expectations placed on the roof seal. Last but not least, the time and money involved is different.

Buy a prefabricated kit from the trade, the garden shed with flat roof is usually sealed with roofing felt. The cardboard used for this was soaked with bitumen – or early tar – to make it waterproof and robust. If the whole thing is to be as UV-resistant and abrasion-resistant as possible, the manufacturer uses partly slate, gravel or coarse-grained sand in the roofing felt. It is used, so to speak, as a “second skin”, directly under the tiles or another form of roofing.