Your bed is an important tool as a good night’s sleep is needed by every human being to maintain both a healthy mind and body. We spend something like twenty-six years of our life in our bed sleeping which helps the body regulate our weight, fertility, and immune system. When you decide it is time to purchase a new bed, it is vital that you consider all your options and end up with the perfect combination of frame and mattress. We will discuss the different types of bed frames available and how they might work in harmony with one of the available foam or spring mattresses available in the bed stores of today.

The Importance of a Good Base

Bed frames are made from many different materials, including composite plastics, leather, and various fabrics. Still, it is wise to stick with the two most common materials: wood and metal. They are popular for a reason as there are considerable benefits to using one of these two materials, which are –

  • Metal – bed frames made from metal have superb durability while being reasonably lightweight, they are good value for your money, and the flexibility of the material gives an excellent range of different design options.
  • Wood – is a very popular option as wooden frames are very strong and moisture resistant; they also have a classic natural look which suits many different types of bedroom

How High Should My Frame Be?

Your bed frame should keep the mattress firmly in place while keeping it off the floor; this allows cooling air circulation and effectively distributes the weight evenly. Bed frames generally come in three standard heights, which are –

  • Standard Profile – this common type of bed frame sits around thirty-three to thirty-eight centimetres from the floor; this allows some storage space and good airflow.
  • Low Profile – these bed frames sit closer to the floor, meaning a reduction in storage, but low-profile frames do make smaller rooms feel more spacious.
  • High Profile – these frames are a good fit for larger rooms and for those who need a larger amount of storage space.

Finding The Right Mattress

The design of advanced modern mattresses has left us with three main options, which consist of these mattress types –  

  • Traditional coil/spring mattress – this is an older type of design that uses springs over a covering of fabric; they can be handmade to specific requirements.
  • Memory foam – this more modern design uses layers of synthetic foam to provide support and warmth and prevents rolling together for people sharing a bed.
  • Hybrid foam – this high-tech type of mattress uses springs and foam to provide the best of both worlds; they offer the support of the foam and the cooling effect of the spring unit.

When looking for your bed, always try before you buy; you must replace your current bed with one that will keep you healthy for many years. Ensure you do plenty of research before buying your bed frame and mattress, and you can ensure you have many nights of excellent sleep ahead of you.