It is not enough to have a compact car to fit in all the things you need to move from your old place to your new home. Even if the new house is only a few miles away, you would still need to make several trips before you could move everything, and it wastes time and effort. It is better to partner with a moving company that could provide a van to help move all your things at once. You can partner with Man with a Van Cheltenham since the company can offer you the vehicle you need, to move quickly.

Cubic feet per van 

You need to know the exact size of the area where you could load your things. By understanding the cubic feet per van, you will see the number of items you can fit in. The measurements need to be from floor to roof to maximise the space. If unsure, opt for the more extensive choice. You would rather have extra space for some more items that not have enough for everything you need to move.

Ask the moving company 

If you cannot estimate how many items or how much furniture could fit in given the vehicle size, you need to ask the moving company. They will provide you with the response, not in cubic feet, but specific items. For instance, instead of saying that they have a 20-cubic-foot van, they will tell you that the van could hold up to 3 rooms of furniture. It allows you to determine if one van is enough for all your needs.

Avoid making unnecessary decisions 

It is tough if you fail to choose the right van, and you need to pick among the things you love to leave behind. Before you do that, you should decide to throw away or donate a lot of things. When you have a van that can accommodate everything, you do not need to make these decisions. You might even have extra space if there are items that you already thought about leaving, but the van could still accommodate them.

Everything depends on what you decide to bring 

There is no general rule of thumb on which van will best fit your needs. People choose to bring different things with them when they move. Some people feel that a 20-cubic-foot van is already enough for all their needs. Others think that it is too small. If you are carrying heavy furniture, even if you only have two or three pieces inside the van, it might not accommodate much more. You can also check the vans available on the day that you move for you to determine which one to rent. Check the price as well since you might go beyond the budget you set.

It takes time to finish packing and loading all your things. When you have a suitable vehicle to carry all your things, you will not have a hard time.