If you are looking to add a home office to your house, you need to consider some things. In case you will be spending the entire week in this office or just a few hours, you want to have a comfortable and inviting space to get your work done with maximum efficiency. To create a practical and beautiful home office, read these tips:

Ensure you Have Enough Space to Work Comfortably

A good home office lets you move comfortably and easily from side to side. Use the same rule used by professional designers in laying out a workstation. Make sure there is at least 60 inches in width and 84 inches in depth.

Pick the Right Furniture

Picking the right home office desk and chair is important. Choose a desk with enough width for your computer and other stuff necessary for your work. Ideally, the desk must be at least 49 inches wide. But, if you only need a laptop, you can go for less. Also, pick a desk that is 28 inches to 30 inches high. Invest in a quality chair that is adjustable and comfortable.

Consider Storage and Shelving

Storage impacts your productivity. Ensure you include enough shelving, cupboards, or filing cabinets for your storage needs. Take into account your workflow including what comes in, where items go while being worked on and where they when completed. Make sure your stuff is in arm’s reach and keep your filing system close to you. If you will need reference materials like manuals, books, catalogs, and others, place them on a shelf near your desk.

Think about Meetings

In case you will be meeting with clients in your home office, try to have a space for a meeting area. This is especially necessary if you tend to do the meeting during the day. But, if you will only have some sit-down meetings, just add extra seating in the design of your home office.

Ensure Natural View and Light

Any home office space will require good lighting. Pick a location where you can easily get some natural light and view. Consider positioning your desk while facing the window or in a place that doesn’t have an effect on your computer screen. Focus on reducing any glare without darkening the space by using translucent blinds or window shades.

For a good general lighting, install an overhead ceiling light or place open-top floor lamps in the corners of your home office. For extra light in the evening, use a desk light.