Want the contact details of people who are associated with the construction related work? The best place to search information about these service providers is the online directory or the business information book. This is the book that contains each and every kind of information related to a business. Either the information is about the civil engineers or about any other service provider.

Information is present in many categories

The information, present it the online directory is present in many categories. And thus, one is able to gather details about all the aspect of the business. The categories are

  • News and articles

This is the section which contains information related to the business sector, like what is happening in the business area at the present time. The news published in the book remains from all over the world and the article is analytical about the business sector.

  • Company listing

This is the section that contains information about companies that are working in the field. Like the business directory of the construction company will have the details of all the service providers it the field like those who supplies the balance cranes at the construction sites in Thailand or those who offer the service for electronics and electrical work.

  • Products and services

This is the section of directory that contains information about products and services that is being used at the construction site. For e.g. the building and construction directory will have the details of furniture, carpet or flooring dealers, it will also have the information about air conditioner dealers and electronic components dealers.

Cover all the companies from car park system providers to sanitary wares

The directory contains information about all the dealers that is present in the business, either they are directly associated with it or indirectly.