You wish you had a winter cabin where you could spend your vacation relaxing by the crackling fireplace or head outside to go skiing in the powdery white snow. A vacation home in the midst of the wilderness would be amazing, but it’s an unbelievable expense. Instead of waiting for an affordable opportunity to pop up, you can bring the coziness of a woodsy cabin into your home.

New Entrance Doors…

Start this special makeover with your front entrance because it’s the first impression that people get of the entire property — upgrade your front door this fall with a beautiful fiberglass replacementin a classic wood design with great hardware. Wood grain is the ultimate material for cabins and cottages, so you should incorporate the look into your house as much as possible.

Find a dependable door company in Ottawa that offers replacements that will fit in with this exact style. A place that can make this happen is the company Golden Windows, who provide a variety of fantasticcustom doors in Ottawa. You can get entrances from their GoldenWood line with the looks of the following rich grains:

  • Fingerjoint pine
  • Clear pine
  • Clear oak
  • Clear mahogany

Even More Wood…

After you get a new door, one of the other ways to bring cottage style to your home is to add more wood into the mix — you can do this by getting statement furniture pieces like farm tables and rocking chairs or by using it to line the walls and flooring. Choose items that look a little worn and used because they have more character than something straight out of a store.

If you can’t grab any antiques or haven’t had any luck finding hidden gems at the flea market, you can fake it. One of the most effective ways to distress wood is to paint a stain made from black tea onto the surface and follow it up with a solution of white vinegar and dissolved steel wool, which will immediately age it.

Focus On Comfort…

You need to prioritize relaxation and comfort over every other factor when you want to make your home look like a cottage in the wilderness — a couch that is big and over-stuffed will be far better for hours of lounging than a trendy piece displayed in a magazine spread. Cover all of the furniture with plenty of quaint throw pillows and warm blankets made with soft fabrics.

Add Small Touches…

Think of touches that remind you of natural surroundings like vases full of small freshly cut flowers — for a more rustic look, switch the vessels out for clean glass mason jars. Display beautiful bowls full of pinecones during the fall and winter, and ones full of seashells during the spring and summer.

You have the power to transform your house into the charming cabin that you have been dreaming about. Transport yourself to that quiet spot in the woods the moment that you open the front entrance door.