Regardless of fashion, trends and style, comfort and wellbeing is now universally acknowledged as the most important factor in any space. Bold, brash and flamboyant colours and furnishings have become a popular design space to experiment in – with people priding themselves on standing out and being daring – but perhaps it’s time we stripped things back a little and went back to basics.

There really is no right and wrong way to design or decorate your space – it really is, ‘each to their own’ – but there are certain trends that are thought to improve your mood and wellbeing more than others; one of which being our relationship with nature.

Now, this can be done in many different forms and to lots of different extremes so to give a feel for how to get started, I’ve shared some below:

Bringing the outdoors in – in the form of potted plants, flowers and herbs – is a wonderful way of opening spaces up, promoting healthy living and purifying the air you breathe. Plants are scientifically proven to have health benefits, and NASA research previously reported that plants remove up to 87% of toxins from the air, every 24 hours.

Aside from all the healing and health properties plants have, they’re also incredibly visually pleasing and I’m particularly fond of minimalist, white-washed rooms with a plant corner consisting of beautiful green plants of all shapes and sizes.

That said, plants aren’t the only way to introduce nature into your interior design. More and more, we’re seeing designers move away from industrial materials and delve into the world of natural, handmade and upcycled; in the journey to creating more peaceful spaces that embody the calming effects of nature.

Stone floors, untreated wood and recycled materials beautifully contrast earthy tones without compromising on style or design. Items such as naturally-sourced rope, driftwood and palettes are being reborn into dining room tables, shelves and storage or features, however, these items only work in a more simplistic space, which can be hard to achieve in your home. To manage this, storage is key, so introducing hanging baskets and shelves, or investing in an ottoman bed (the Divan Beds Centre has some great options), is the way to go.

The outdoors isn’t for everyone however, and you don’t have to become green-fingered to enjoy the minimalist feel of nature in your home. Animal print for example, has taken the world by storm this year, whether on clothing, bedding, rugs or sofas… it’s everywhere and has proven popular no matter how loud or subtle. With this in mind, why not try injecting a splash of zebra print in your living room or mirroring scenes from the ocean in your bathroom; the sky’s the limit.

There is one other trend that people either love or hate; playing nature-themed sounds into your home. Whether the crash of the ocean waves, birds tweeting in the morning, or a crackling fire to curl up and read your book to, sometimes just the illusion of being surrounded by your favourite spot in nature is enough.

So whether you want to take on the challenge of a new room and upcycle some driftwood or simply try out a new print, it’s time to be brave. Go get ‘em tiger!