A GU10 refers to the base or cap of a halogen lamp attached to the power mains. It consists of two legs or pins at the end. Many homes still use halogen lamps with a GU10 cap. If you are looking for a more energy-efficient lighting solution, you can replace the halogen lamp with an LED light and retrofit it to the GU10 base. But shopping for the right LED lamp is not always easy. You need to navigate through a few terminologies and understand what you need to find the perfect lighting solution. Here are tips for choosing the right GU10 LED lights for retrofitting in your home.

Understanding LED light colour temperature

LED lights come in a wide variety of shades. This shade is often referred to as the bulb’s whiteness or colour temperature which is measured in Kelvin. In general, the higher the Kelvin rating, the colder the light temperature; hence making it brighter. Warmer LED lights produce a cosier effect for rooms and are suitable for bedrooms. You’ll find that colder LED lights are typically installed in commercial spaces and office buildings.

How do you select the right LED bulb brightness?

Although each LED lamp comes with an assigned brightness, you can still adjust the effect by selecting a particular beam angle or by choosing a directional installation. The lumens of an LED bulb indicate its intensity, and you’ll often find suppliers selling LED bulbs with lumens of at least 50 per watt. If you want something that is less bright, look for an LED lamp with around 10 lumens per watt, and the manufacturer should indicate this in the product details.

Is a dimmer switch always a good option?

With every LED product detail, the manufacturer also indicates whether it is a non-dimmable or dimmable LED light. If you already have an existing dimmer switch with your old halogen lamp, it is possible that it may not be compatible with your new LED bulbs. You’ll need to check with the installer if you need to install new dimmer switches if you want the option to dim your new GU10 LED lights.

Do all GU10 LED lamps fit existing housings?

One of the challenges faced by homeowners retrofitting GU10 halogen lamps with LED lights is that the old model LED GU10 lights were typically larger. However, this is no longer a problem these days because GU10 LED lights will fit perfectly regardless of the existing housing or fitting. Replacing old halogen lamps with LED lights is not a problem anymore.

Are there better brands of GU10 LED lamps?

There are many top brands to choose from if you are looking for high-quality and durable GU10 LED lights. There is not one brand that is more superior to another. In selecting an LED light, start by identifying the features and parameters you are looking for and start checking for product ratings and reviews before making a decision. You may also ask an expert or a contractor for recommendations to get you started in selecting the perfect LED light for your home.

Image: Pixabay.com