Pillows will always be something important to each of us. They can either make us sleep easily or make us simply just awake all night. For sure you have already experienced buying pillows where they really look the greatest when still in the store like they are thick and soft. However, just after a week and they start to sag and end up really thin. Yes, this can of course happen especially if you will choose one of those cheap pillows. Though the price might not be the main determinant, but it is already given that good things are really expensive.

When buying pillows, you should choose a reputable provider such as Peter Betteridge the Bed Expert. Just as their name suggests, they are really experts when it comes to home fixtures and accessories and that includes pillows. As they are family owned business, you can easily find one of the owners manning their store.

Are you having a hard time choosing the perfect pillows? If so, you might need these tips below:

  • The right filling will always matter as if you end up with those cheap fillings, the result will be as what is described above. Eventually, your pillows will start to sag and can be comparable to your blankets when folded. There are three types of fillings that are known to be above their peers and they are the feather, memory foam and polyester. So, either any of this and your pillows should just be great.


  • Then the size of the pillows is another important matter. When it comes to this aspect, you can consider three things such as the size of your bed, the number of pillows you prefer to use in sleeping and how you will use them like if you will use them while watching tv and so on. However, it does not mean that because you are using a kind sized bed, you should also use a king sized pillow. It will still depend on your preferences and where you will be comfortable the most.
  • Choosing the right support is another aspect that must considered like how the fillings are packed. This is a personal choice though like if you want softer pillows, then you should choose those with less fillings and for firmer pillows, more fillings. It is as simple as that actually. But always give allowances as it is natural for these fillings to at least sag down a little even if they are of premium material.


  • Your sleeping habit will also matter especially when it comes to the size of the pillow. There are those who prefer to really lie down directly to the bed and will just use the pillows as props and there are also those who prefer to be with thick pillows.

Actually, this will all come down as whatever you prefer. The most important is to make sure that your pillows will stay in the same condition the way you bought them.

Author Bio – Jane Peterson is expert when it comes to beds, pillows and linens. She has been exposed to this industry for decades and for her, the right pillows will always matter when it comes to the quality of sleep.