If you are planning to shift your home, you have to do a bit of homework. Apart from deciding on properties and other complicated aspects, you have to find mover that you can trust. Many home owners fear the entire idea of shifting homes, simply because it means a lot of work and potential damage to their belongings and furniture. Choosing between movers Oshawa can be complicated, as there are plenty of services, each claiming to be the best in business. Check these pointers before you make the move!

  • Start by evaluating the market value of the company. If the service has a website, you can check the same to get details of their list of services and other advantages. Checking a few testimonials and reviews is a good idea, but a better way is to ask for references. If a company claims that they have been in business for long, they should be able to offer the names of a few clients.
  • Secondly, you have to see the kind of assistance and services that are offered. Movers usually deal with packaging and transportation, but their method of work is important. For example, do they have the equipment to handle dismantling of furniture and other goods? Do they have enough staff for packaging needs? Can they handle fragile items? Are they insured? Basically, if there is any damage to the goods in the transportation process, you would want the mover to take charge of the situation.


  • Seeking an estimate is important. Quotes are often extremely hard to understand because not many movers are straight with their estimates. Ask for an all-inclusive quote, which should take in all expenses and costs, including the possible taxes. The quote is usually decided after the service experts come down for a visit. Assign a time convenient to you and show them all the goods you have. Do not hesitate in asking questions, especially if you have special objects at home.

Before you hire any Oshawa movers, you also need to take their services into account. Make sure that they have the required permissions and licenses to take up the job, and they should have bonded and insured staff working with them, instead of hiring people randomly under subcontracts. As a home owner, it is important that your liability is limited to the price you pay. Start checking online to find a few options now!