With the onset of the summer months, there is a huge demand for air conditioners and allied services. Nowadays, every commercial and non-commercial interior requires proper air conditioners in order to maintain a suitable air temperature. With the rising cost of electricity, air conditioner units have also become expensive. For this reason, it is essential to find reliable and cost-effective air conditioning contractors and service providers that cannot only supply high-quality air conditioners but also provide timely and efficient maintenance services. For finding quality service providers in Singapore, you can browse through various business directories and trade directories where you can find different types of air conditioner suppliers, AC contractors, branded dealers that provide quality AC accessories and electric supplies. Every air conditioner system requires regular maintenance and cleaning services. Frequent servicing and repair works are required in the case of offices and commercial establishments, where centralized AC networks are installed. While hiring such services, you need to check their experience and the nature of service contract. There are reputed companies that offer yearlong servicing agreement for a fixed price which is more feasible compared to regular service providers.

How to make your air conditioning unit more efficient?

  • For maintaining the level of cooling your AC unit can generate, you need to avoid intense usage. Use your air conditioner for a fixed number of hours and turn it off whenever possible.
  • There are various equipments in our homes that generate heat. Things like tube lights, gas cook tops, grills, and computers generate heat on a regular basis. You can control the heat generated by using exhaust fans and switching to products that generate less heat like induction cook tops and LED lights. This would reduce the workload of your AC.
  • Keeping your AC unit clean from dust and dirt can help you in improving its life. You can use vacuum cleaners to clean your AC more effectively.
  • Protect your interiors from excessive sunlight by using protective window blinds and curtains.