There are many Sanitary Valves which serves a various purpose of a home piping system. But the installation of in-line valves plays a major role in managing the flow. They manage the flow at different points of the pipe.

Types of primary in-line valves

Commonly there are 5 types of valves. They include Gate, Globe, Ball, check and butterfly valves.

  • Ball valves- The ball valves are having a limited range of temperature. But they are available with auxiliary drains. They start and stop the flow. These valves also play a role in regulating the flow of the media.

  • Check valves- These are available in a different design. Gas, fluid and air can pass through these valves. Basically, they play a role in preventing the backflow of the media.
  • Butterfly valves- They are similar to that of the ball valve. They start and stop the flow of media. These valves can also regulate the flow. People use these valves as they are very durable and economical. Liquids and air pass through these valves.
  • Globe valves- Globe valves only regulate the flow of the media. For heavy duty, they use bolted bonnets and are available in different configurations.
  • Gate valve- Gate valve only start and stop the flow of the media. Water, air and oil pass through these valves.

Connections and materials

Many valves have their composition with plastic materials and metals.

  • Gate valve does not allow the bubble-tight sealing. They can find their uses in the cold and hot air, water or oil.
  • Ball valves are basically having various materials for their construction. The materials include plastic, ceramic or metal. They are ideal for bubble-tight sealing along with the regulation of the flow. These valves require a quarter turn for opening and closing completely.
  • Globe valves have various installations depending on the angle, straight and cross flow of the media. They have bonnets which prevent leaks.

  • The design of the check valves is in such a way that they prevent the backflow of the media. This stops the contaminated water to enter the drinking supply. They are also having various designs depending on the materials for constructions. The different materials for construction include stainless steel, brass, plastic or bronze.

You can easily get these valves from a hardware store and serve your basic needs.