Irrigation is how water flows through your lawn, house, or farm. It is crucial, because irrigation problems can be frustrating and even hazardous. Choosing the right irrigation system for your property is essential to avoid irrigation problems.

Whether you it’s for irrigation repair in Houston, or whether it’s for a brand-new irrigation system, you must know your options to make the best decision.

The different irrigation systems include:

  • Drip irrigation system: Drip systems ‘drip’ water directly into the roots of your plants. The system requires placing hoses on the floor around the landscape. Aside from dripping water, a drip irrigation system reduces weed growth.
  • Surface irrigation system: Surface systems water your lawn efficiently with rainwater. It is a standard system for landscapes with slopes. This system is known to be cheaper and easier.
  • Sprinkler irrigation system: Sprinkler systems supply water to the surface of your plants instead of the roots. In different parts of your lawn, the sprinkler heads distribute water to your landscape.

Before making your choice of an irrigation system, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

●     Soil type

The soil type of your landscape is one of the first things that help you choose the best irrigation system. Generally, the type of soil determines the type of irrigation system required. Some irrigation systems work better on some soil types than others.

●     Rainfall patterns

The average rainfall pattern helps you know how much water you’ll need. This understanding allows you to determine the best irrigation system.

Your lawn would need more water during a dry season since rainfall isn’t regular. It would be best to choose an irrigation option allowing water to get to every part of your lawn regularly. If you choose an irrigation system like drip irrigation that only drops water in a designated area, your plants may turn yellow and die.

Similarly, during rainy seasons, your lawn needs limited water. Your choice of irrigation system should be one that doesn’t supply too much water. If, for instance, you use many sprinklers in your lawn, the lawn will experience a flood. When water floods your yard, it washes away nutrients and, eventually, kills your plants.

●     Lawn size

Of course, the size of your lawn is an essential determinant of your needs for a system of irrigation in Houston. If you have a small yard, you may want to choose an irrigation system that doesn’t have many sprinkler heads. On the other hand, you’ll need an irrigation system that offers a broader water spread if you have a more extensive lawn.

●     Water options

The whole essence of having an irrigation system is to supply water. So, it only makes sense to consider the type of water you’ll provide your lawn. For houses with a pond close by, drawing water from such a pond is the most effective option- no need to pump.


In some cases, you may use a combination of two irrigation systems. For instance, you may use sprinklers and drip irrigation to pay special attention to some plants.

Whatever your choice, you must work with a reputable company with local expertise. Contact us today to have your irrigation issues solved to your satisfaction.