Naturally growing grass requires much of your time and efforts to mow, fertilize and water. Failure to do the constant care of the grass may cause it to dry up making your lawn unattractive. But thanks to artificial grass from Agape Turf that you are now able to have a beautiful all- season lawn with low maintenance.

To maximize the efficiency of the turf, you ought to take the utmost care of it. The maintenance and cleaning process will entirely depend on your home setting. Meaning, if there is a lot of activity and foot traffic in your home, then you might require more frequent cleaning. Additionally, if you have pets, you will subsequently have to do more than a person without.

Here are a few tips that you can use to clean up your artificial grass and increase its life span;

  1. Brushing

For the artificial grass to maintain its attractiveness, you will need to brush it regularly. The type of brush you use should be gentle on the fibers to avoid unnecessary plucking which will, as a result, leave the lawn looking bare.  If the artificial turf is placed in an area where people frequent alit, it tends to flatten out due to the pressure exerted on it. To maintain the beauty of your lawn all through the day, you can brush it through in a span of 3-4 hours.

  1. Clear The Leaves

In most homes, the artificial grass usually is placed in an area surrounded by trees. Leaves, stems or debris from the trees most definitely will land on your grass turf, meaning that you will have to remove them preferably using a rake. The debris if not removed in time will end up decaying on the artificial grass.

  1. Avoid Fire And Hot Items

To increase the life span of your artificial grass, ensure that you keep any hot items away from it. Remember, it is made up of synthetic material meaning that it is susceptible to fire which may, in turn, burn them. Replacing a burnt part is possible but to avoid spending more money on the same is better.

  1. Clean After Your Pets

If you have pets in your home, they are most likely to play on the grass and end up leaving their waste. If the waste is left unattended, anyone can end up stepping on it which is not a good scene. The waste if not removed can result in bad odor which is quite unpleasant. After collecting the waste with a plastic bag, you can use water to clean up the remaining part then use some turf spray to curb the bad smell.

  1. Use Water Once In A While

Due to its synthetic nature, most artificial grasses do not get easily damaged by water. Once in a while, you can use clean water to remove dust and any turban stains. When using water, ensure that you brush the turf gently to prevent the matting of the fibers.