Cleaning a room might sound like a tiresome job if you are not familiar with the process. However, at some point in life, if you are forced to embark on a cleaning task, you can get it done by following the few simple steps noted herein.

Firstly, you should make a note of all the areas that need to be cleaned. You can make a list if there are many things to be done.

In the second step, you should vacuum the floor and all the corners of the room using a powerful vacuum cleaner.

The third step is to clean things like wall hangings, window panes, window blinds, ceiling fans, corner pieces, and furniture. You can use a vacuum cleaner, wherever possible. Once you are done, use a mop for removing stains from the tiles. In the fourth stage, you can begin with the fabrics. This includes carpets, curtains, upholsteries, pillow covers, and bed sheets. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the ones that are not replaceable and replace the rest with fresh ones.

Finally, tidy up things like magazine holders, tea tables, ashtrays, and flower pots. Your room will be clean and well organised.

Finding safe chemical cleaning solutions

  • A majority of the cleaning materials sold in the market is made of strong chemicals that may prove harmful when used on a regular basis. So, rather than randomly buying various cleaning products, you need to find reliable chemical suppliers that can provide you the best quality products.
  • In Singapore, there are several chemical companies that manufacture special cleaning agents that are used for domestic as well as industrial cleaning services. You can easily find such companies through online business directories. This is an ideal option if you want to clean supplies in bulk quantities.
  • Online resources can help you in distinguishing safe cleaning products from the ones that are harmful. There are several informative websites and blogs that can help you in learning about some of the common hazardous cleaning products sold in the market.