Indicators of Water Infiltration

Not all leaking pipes are effortlessly identifiable. The pipes behind walls and in ceilings can leak and you may only see it when the damage to structural cohesion is currently well underway. In fact, often times, only when water leakage Singapore contractors are engaged to perform a full assessment of the property, do many of these leaks become known.

But fear not, there are a couple of indicators to look for enabling you to get on top of a problem swiftly:

  • Cracks and bulges on floors and ceilings
  • Cracks on wall surfaces especially when they go through numerous levels or around the area
  • Mould presence or stuffy odours
  • Water discolorations especially when it’s rusty in colour
  • Warped floorboards and wallpapers

Sources of pipe leakages

Continuous or Escalating Water Pressure

Although water often tends to take the form of its container, it can additionally apply enough pressure to damage everything in its path when put under strong pressure. As an example, fast circulation or sudden modification in the course of circulation can trigger the pipelines to burst. If not, the wear and tear it leaves is serious sufficient to considerably reduce the pipes’ functional life by years.

Poor Setup

No matter if your waterlines are made from the highest quality products, unless it’s installed by an extremely experienced plumbing company like FIXME Pipes, you can’t expect too much from it. Soon you’ll discover water flying from one of the connections or your water meter running significantly even if everything is closed. This is why it is important that you work with a certified plumbing to take care of all of your plumbing installations. After all, a plumbing system would still stop working even if only a section of it is substandard.

Fast Change in Temperature Level

Hot and cold water goes through your house at any given time. The pipelines spanning in between the heat source and your tap, bathtub, or shower are frequently experiencing tightening and growth when hot and cold water rapidly travels through them. As a result, areas of the pipelines that suffer the highest damage might crack and trigger a leak.

Likely weak points of pipes


Comes in three types: throttling, non-return and isolation– this fitting permits you to change the circulation of water.


Like cross and tee, this connector connects three pipes and permits a change in the elevation of one or two of the pipes.

Although not all of these fittings and connectors might be incorporated in your home piping system, it is essential to understand them and their features so that you can conveniently decide which one to mount in case you need to upgrade the piping system’s structure or deal with a leaking pipe.