Gift bags are becoming the iconic brand for a heartfelt gift, and if you go ahead and make the gift bag yourself, it gets even more passionate. Imagine using a gift wrap with zebra prints to make a gift bag for a kid who loves zebras. The gift receiver will be very excited knowing you have been aware of their interests. Even better, if the gift itself is not that fancy or thoughtful, the wrapper would have made a significant impact already. Here are easy steps to creating a simple DIY gift bag:


For the following tutorial, you will need a newspaper (serves as the wrapping material), glue, ribbon, hole punch, and scissors.


  1. Take a large piece of wrapping paper – choose any color or design you like. Using scissors, cut the newspaper to a square size that will allow it to fully cover/wrap the gift you intend to carry in it.
  2. Once you have the square shape, place the wrapping paper right side down. Fold both the right and the left side of the paper to meet halfway in the middle. There should be a bit of an overlap. Place tape along the overlap to seal it in place.
  3. Fold the bottom of the paper upwards to create a fold line to help you in the next step. That will be the bottom of the gift bags – ensure that the fold is big enough to fit your gift.
  4. Unfold the bottom. Starting with the left side, take the top layer and pull it upwards to the fold line you made. This will create a triangle-like shape facing outwards. Do the same step for the right side of the bag
  5. Take the ends of the triangle folds on each side, and fold them in half towards each other. They should overlap in the middle. Take tape and seal the overlap for the bottom of the gift bag.
  6. Using a paper punch, punch holes at the top of the bag for the handles. Take two pieces of ribbon of the same length and thread one of them through the two holes on one side. Make sure to tie knots for the ribbons to hold the bag properly. Do the same to the other side.
  7. You can add more glamour and wow factor to your DIY gift bag. If the wrapping paper is plain, you can add more aesthetic to it with drawings and stickers to the outside. You can make a big ribbon or ribbon star and stick it to the outside of the bag or add a small beautifully handwritten note for the recipient.

As seen in the steps above, making a gift bag is quite simple, and you don’t have to spend money on expensive cliché gift bags from the store. In literally 10 minutes, you will have your own DIY gift bag made with pure love. As far as presentation is essential, it is critical that you use the best wrapping paper, and there is nowhere with a vast variety than TheWorks. Even if you are going old school by DIY-ing a gift bag, make sure it speaks the right language by using a wrapper that’s more significant to the receiver.