It’s the epitome of style and luxury: A leather lounge suite. But just because it’s always in fashion (and something most people want to own), it doesn’t mean you can simply pick any leather furniture you see, thinking it would look good. There’s a trick to it. But we’ll help you get it right.

Leather lounges can be the perfect addition to your living room, an office, a study or even a bedroom. Keep our tips in mind and you can transform the entire space, for the better.

Is it Really Leather?

Before you even browse through a store’s leather furniture, do yourself a favour and double check whether you’re actually looking at real leather items. There are many leather look furniture pieces on the market, but unless it’s clearly labelled as the real thing, don’t assume it is. Use these guidelines to make sure you invest your money well:

  • Smell the leather (yes, you’re allowed to) and if you pick up more chemical odours than the rough smell leather should have, chances are it’s a fake product.
  • A nifty trick when shopping for large items is to see how many seams there are. If you’re purchasing massive leather lounges and it looks like one piece of leather was used, it’s probably not real—animal hides are obviously limited in size.
  • Leather has a soft feel to it, easily distinguished from harsh, plastic fabric types that only resemble leather in how they look.

Tip: Some manufacturers use both leather and synthetic materials, such as placing the soft, real leather where you’ll feel it on the arm rests. You can opt for such a design to save some money.

Know Your Leather Types

It’s wise to know what type of leather will work best in your home. No, they’re not all the same! Here are some examples:

  • Pigmented leather: This is your most durable option, thanks to a polymer surface coating. The colour is added to the surface instead of dying it. This makes pigmented leather less rich in colour, but the coating prevents fading and even stains & scratches.
  • Aniline leather: This is your softest type of leather and the colour comes from being dyed in a drum. Just note that it has no protective layer and is the most expensive.
  • Semi-aniline leather: Also dyed in a drum this leather at least has a protective layer which prevents damage and fading.

Tip: Match the leather type to what you’ll use the couch for. When you own pets you must be able to clean surfaces.

Consider the Room: Colour is Vital

Speaking of colour, you must consider the hue of your leather carefully. Perhaps you adore the look of dark coloured leather lounges. Unfortunately, they’re impractical when you already have dark flooring. They’ll basically disappear in the overall look.

As with any other furniture piece you must consider the entire room’s colour palette to ensure everything complements each other. Luckily modern technology means you can get leather lounges in almost any shade.

Tip: Know where you want to place the couch even before you start shopping.

Think About Maintenance

This is going to be an expensive investment in your home or office so make sure you get the most out of it. If you have dogs, small children or if you’re placing it in a busy area (such as an office waiting room) there’s no question:

  • Use stronger, more durable leather types (see above) in busy areas
  • Ensure there’s a protective layer; using pigmented leather is wise

Tip: Some leather products have warrantees; Ask the sales person about this.

Make Long Term Plans

There’s one more way you can have your leather lounges last you a lifetime. It’s true that leather is durable, but what about the stuffing inside? Instead of paying upholstery costs when your pillows wear out, why not ask about zippered cushions? You can replace the insides and have a new couch, still covered by your favourite leather.

Tip: Always ask sales people about treating leather furniture with special products.


There’s no question: Leather lounges are perfect for almost any space. But as you live in the 21st century where you’re spoiled for choice, make sure you pick the ideal one, based on the tips above.

Do you have any other questions about leather lounges? Why not leave a comment below?